Alla francesca & Discantus / Brigitte Lesne
Centre de musique médiévale de Paris

In the footsteps of Alienor

Troubadours, carmina burana and English songs: music at the time of the first gothic / Alla francesca quartet

This program musically shows alliances and journeys of Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122/1124 - 1204), Duchess of Aquitaine and Countess of Poitiers, who became Queen of France then Queen of England.
Great protector of the arts, she welcomed many troubadours (including Marcabru, Bernard de Ventadour...) in her aquitaine court and made travel this culture with her, one of the most refined of the 12th century.
In 1137, she married Louis VII, King of France. She then discovered Latin lyric poetry which was sung in the Paris area (Carmina burana...).
Between 1147 and 1149, she participated in the second crusade, with the troubadour Jaufré Rudel in her entourage.
Her second marriage brought her off the Channel: she get married in 1152 with Henry Plantagenet, future Henry II King of England. There again, she discovered the songs of the island...
This program is also an opportunity to discover some musical instruments very often represented in the statuary of the time, at the turn of Romanesque and Gothic arts, such as the frestel (pan flute), the crwth (bow lyre) or the rota (psaltery-harp).

Alla francesca /
Pierre Bourhis / voice
Pierre Hamon / frestel, recorders, pipe & tabor, bagpipes
Nolwenn Le Guern / medieval fiddle, crwth
Brigitte Lesne
 / voice, rota, percussion


First version created in November 2018 in Paris (Cluny museum) on the occasion of the exhibition "Birth of Gothic sculpture"