Ensembles Discantus & Alla francesca
Centre de musique médiévale de Paris

The ensembles and artists produced by the Centre for Medieval music of Paris cover all directories between 9th and 16th centuries:

> The solo song and instrumental musics by "low" instruments (recorders, flutes and pipes, fiddles, harps and lutes) with Alla francesca, directed by Brigitte Lesne and Pierre Hamon.

> Sacred vocal music - Gregorian chant and polyphonies - with Discantus, composed of women's voices often accompanied by handbells, under the direction of Brigitte Lesne.

> Brasses and medieval fanfares by the "high" instruments (shawms - medieval oboes - and trumpets, bagpipes, pipe & tabor) with Alta trio, under the coordination of Pierre Boragno.

For specific projects, the three ensembles can be joined together, so offering a musical fresco to the exceptionally rich sound colors.