Ensembles Discantus & Alla francesca
Centre de musique médiévale de Paris

Voice, medieval harps, percussion, medieval hurdy-gurdy
Musical director of Discantus
Musical co-director of Alla francesca

After studying general music course (voice, piano, harpsichord) at Pantin and Bobigny conservatories, Brigitte Lesne has dedicated to older repertoires that she learned at Schola cantorum Basiliensis (voice, harp, notation). She specialized in Gregorian chant and paleography with Marie-Noël Colette and continued her training by integrating the ensembles Alia musica (Italy) and Gilles Binchois (France) between mid 80 and 90. Simultaneously, she holds a master’s degree in Spanish, which she earned for her study of Misteri d’Elx (Middle Ages theatrical and musical play).
She is very early called to transmit her knowledge, and is investing strongly into the activities of the Centre for Medieval music of Paris, where she regularly offers thematic and practical workshops opened to the professionals and to the amateurs. She is also frequently invited to intervene during workshops, masterclasses, juries.
Since the beginning of the 90’s, she directs the women’s a cappella ensemble Discantus, which is dedicated essentially to the earliest sacred vocal music, and collaborates with the flutist Pierre Hamon in the direction of the vocal and instrumental ensemble Alla francesca, dedicated to the performance of early secular repertoire up to the 15th century.
She also performs recital, singing and playing harp and percussions to resurrect a world of female songs and old Romanic languages. She recorded first solo “Ave Eva“ and a new programme since 2007 “A Chantar”.
She can be heard in concert all over the world (Americas, Australia, India, Russia, Lebanon, Morocco ...) and at major European early music festivals. She also regularly performs on national radios in the crossed countries. We found her in more about fourty recordings.